Psychotechnical examination

Street Staszica 5 in Poznań

Examinations for operators of forklifts and construction machines ( excavators, loaders, buldozers, road rollers etc.) 60zł
Height examinations ( for people working on lifts or mobile platforms, tower cranes etc.) 70zł
Examination for drivers of busses,taxis,vehicles,trams) 90zł
Examination of candidates for drivers-send by a doctor or without a refferal


Examination of instructors or candidates for driving instructor, test examiners 100zł
Examination of drivers who drive trucks transporting dangerous materials 100zł
Examination of drivers who drive privileged cars in traffic 110zł
Examination of drivers- perpetrators of road accidents 120zł
Examination of drivers with the refferal from the police due to traffic law's violation 120zł
Examination of people applying for authorisation for weapons cena negocjowana od 200 zł

 The examinations are carried out in the Laboratory of Psychological Research 'BRAND'.

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