Light therapy

In the form of a special lamp of an illumination spectrum similar to the sun and the intensity of approximately 10.000 lux.

Price: 0.5h-10zł


Seasonal depression

In our country from a few to several percent of the total population manifestst - seasons' dependent chenges in mood, level of social and proffesional activity, dietary preferences, sleep disorders. Seasonal changes in day lenght and the intensity of sunlight seem to have a major role. Sunlight is the strongest synchroniser of biological rhytms of a man. Its action may cause the time shift of circadian rhytms such as :

  • vigil sleep
  • the temperature of the body
  • rhytm of certain hormones secretion etc.

As a result the body is able to adapt to seasonal changes in light. It seems that the impairment of endogenous mechanisms of adaptation plays a major role in the pathogenesis of psychopathological syndrome called also a seasonal affective disorder (SAD), or winter depression.

It is charactrised by:

  • vigil arrhytmias-a dream in the form of excessive sleepness
  • excessive appetite for sweets
  • a reduction in the basic mood
  • a decrease in physical activity
  • impaired intellectual performance

These signs disappear with the increase of the intensity of sunlight and lenghtening of the photoperiod. This observation became the basis for the use of bright artificial light parameters similar to sunlight or phototherapy for th treatment of winter depression. 

Recent studies shown that the use of phototherapy significantly relieves the symptoms of SAD, or even cause their complete disappearance. Compare to pharmacotherapy we can highlight :

  • the economic benefits
  • the comfort of this method 
  • suitable for each age group
  • significant narrowing of contradications

Epidemiological studies show that 2-5% of the general population suffers from SAD-with 70%-80% being women. SAD is therefore a social problem, especially that some people remain without any therapeutic assistance and some of them are forced to use antidepressants.

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