We must inform our website's visitors, that on Prohominis website we use the "cookies'

Cookie files:

Cookies are the text files, which in our case include the name of our website,the storage time ont the terminal device and a unique number.

The mechanism is intended to use the web by adapting its content to the preferences of the visitor so that you can display it on the terminal device (web browser or mobile device) and adjust the view to the indywidual needs.

In addition, a mechanism installed on our website collects statistical information that helps us later with optimizing certain websites for your needs. This way we know how to improve the structure and content of our websites.

Cookies used by us are connected with Google Analytics and Google Maps; details concerning the application are avaliable at:

The Cookies used on our website do not store any personal data or other information collected from users.

In case of changes to this privacy policy, we will modify the description above.


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