MA Urszula Kus

Tel. 606-911-983
Phone registration 61 8668 234
or 500 569 690


Graduate of the Academy of Physical Education in Poznan


2007-2013 Ortopedyczno- Rehabilitation Clinical Hospital. Wiktor Dega in Poznan.
Private Practice Fizjoterapeutyczna- Medikus Functional Manual Therapy

Working area:

  • Diagnosis and treatment of pain syndromes and overload the spine and peripheral joints
  • Rehabilitation after total joint reconstructions of the ligaments, arthroscopies
  • Neurological rehabilitation (stroke, multiple sclerosis)
  • Migraine headaches
  • Prevention of sports injuries
  • treatment of scoliosis
ZADZWOŃ I UMÓW SIĘ NA WIZYTĘ(+48) 61 866 82 34