MA Kinga Dombek - Żółtowska

tel. 602 150 562

Telephone registration - 61 8668-234 or 500 569 690

I conduct individual psychotherapy, training and psychological training.

Gestalt therapy gives the patient the opportunity to resolve emotional problems, expanding the awareness and self-development. When working with a patient I use the method of working with
the body.For Gestalt is obvious interdependence of psyche-soma-health and the dominant role of the mind in the development of diseases. Therapy involves broadening contact with each other, their needs, feelings, state of the body.The human is treated as a whole. Gestalt aim is to teach the patient how to help himself. It is experiential therapy - closer situation through experience and inference.

PERSONAL TRAINIING DEVELOPMENT with the use of Gestalt methods:

The aim of the training is Psychotherapeutic work within their own emotional problems and the development of individual participants' potential at:

  • skills awareness
  • limitations awareness
  • an indication of the direction of personal development
  • explore feelings badly identified, repressed, and even 
  • interdependence of psyche-soma-health and a diagnosis of somatic-emotional.


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