MA Izabela Działak-Śliwa

tel. 602 13 04 18

operating range:

  • individual psychotherapy for adults with personality difficulties,
  • in the relations of private and professional;
  • family therapy and marriage;
  • psychological diagnosis of adults and children;
  • neuropsychological assessment;
  • support in crisis for adults and children;
  • eating disorders;


  • Diagnosis and psychotherapy of adults in the context of working in 
  • the Provincial Hospital for Mental Diseases in Gniezno
  • Counseling and psychotherapy as part of Mental Health in Poznan
  • Family therapy and crisis intervention in the Team Institutions
  • Support Family "Road to Home"
ZADZWOŃ I UMÓW SIĘ NA WIZYTĘ(+48) 61 866 82 34