MA Helena Zandecka

Psychologist, Psychotherapist
Specialist Psychotherapy Addiction

 Individual psychotherapy of adults:

  • Problems in personal and professional life,
  • Personality and behavioral disorders,
  • The search for meaning and purpose of life, a route that personal development, preparation for     change
  • Life crises (sudden events, divorce, illness loved ones, loss of job)
  • Somatic illnesses without medical justification (as a result of chronic stress, fatigue)
  • Substance abuse and compulsive behaviors,
  • Codependence (to remain in close relationship with an addict)
  • DDA - adults who grew up in families with addiction problems.

Consultation and Family Therapy:

  • In the face of crisis, one of the members of the family (illness, behavior problems, behavioral problems with a teenager)
  • In the face of divorce - help towards minimizing the cost of separation, especially in the context of possessed children (division of duties of care and upbringing).


  • Department of Psychiatry and Department Daily Therapy Alcohol Addiction - Hospital Dziekanka Gniezno,
  • Poradnia Mental Health and Addiction Treatment Clinic - Poznań,
  • Consultation in the field of psychological and addiction support institutions in podpoznańskich municipalities
  • Coaching personal development within the ESF programs.
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