MA Ewelina Lewandowska-Mirska


tel. 730 – 494 – 737

I specialize in working with people who: 

  • Experience anxiety, depression
  • Experience psychosomatic ailments
  • Experienced losses/ are in mourning
  • Struggling with a chronic physical disease, loss of efficiency
  • They have difficulty in coping with life's problems
  • They are experiencing severe stress and difficulty of mastering
  • They have difficulty in relationships with others, communication, networking
  • They want to get to know each other, to take another look at your relationship, make changes in your life

I am a psychologist and psychotherapist. Since 2009, I am employed at the Clinical Hospital of the Medical University of Transfiguration in Poznan, where I work with with somatic patients and their families. His work is mainly based on system approach and Rational Behavior Therapy. Systematically raises his professional qualifications. The therapeutic work is guided by the principles of the Code of Ethics and Professional Polish Psychological Association.

Types of assistance offered: 

  • Individual therapy Adult
  • couples therapy / marriage
  • family therapy
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