Dr. Krzysztof Kolecki

tel. 601 821 840

sexology specialist social
sex educator

He deals mainly with :

  • adults with sexual and partner problems
  • couples therapy and marriage counseling
  • individual adult therapy (phobias, neurosis, depression)
  • wider-assisted personal development

The main methods of work:

  • Therapy Short-term, strategic-System
  • Hypnotherapy, NLP
  • Elements of Gestalt therapy, cognitive-behavioral,
  • Choreo, other inspiration for the work: 
  • Existential therapy Yalom`a, Provocative Farrelly`ego

He also runs:

  • training Tai Chi Chuan in terms of both recreational, therapeutic 
  • and sports-battle
  • psychoeducative workshops - choreotherapy based on the technique of
  • Contact improvization ,training in self-defense for women, assertiveness,
  • stress prevention, burnout and other

He is a member of scientific societies:

  • Polish Sexology Society (since 2000)
  • Polish Society for Therapeutic (since 2005)
ZADZWOŃ I UMÓW SIĘ NA WIZYTĘ(+48) 61 866 82 34