School problems


Direct causes of difficulties at school are :
  • fear of school
  • fear of the teacher
  • fear of the failure
  • inability to establish satisfactory relations with peers
  • lack of attention
  • rapid fatigability while learning

They can be prevented by :

  • individual diagnosis of a child : wechsler for children, projection drawing, addressed fun,which is a prelude to expertly chosen therapy.
  • develop faith in child's mental and physical abilities
  • improvement of cognitive function (especially focusing attention)
  • increase the officiency of learning
  • eliminating the causes and consequences of disorders
  • creating child-friendly ecological niche

Therapy is addressed to :

  • Children with difficulties at school,problems with adaptation, affraid of schools and new situations, unknown places, children who feel lonely and misunderstood
  • Adults who want to help their children 
  • Educators and teachers who care about their pupils


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