Schizophrenic psychoses


The causes are not completely known, but the main risk factors are:

  • endogenous (associated with hereditary metabolic processes)
  • exogenous ( caused by viruses,poisoning)
  • environmental,personality (conditioned by family system during childhood,certain personality traits)

Primary symptoms (axial) :

  • autism
  • changes in emotionality
  • personality split
  • other symptoms

How do I know if this applies to my loved ones? 

If at least one of the following symptoms occur in a strong or few of them less explicitly, you should seek medical consultation :

  • Feeling that someone or something is sending thoughts to us, controls them, or somehow can control them. It is often described as 'SOME POWER'.
  • Hearing voices in my head or coming from other parts of the body; voices are and describe the behaviour of the patient.
  • Delusion- for events that can not exist ( contact with UFO, the feeling of being Moses, the ability to influence the wheather)
  • Discontinuous,multithreaded,not adapted to the manner of expression or the situation course of speech.
  • A complete change of interests,apathy,lack of hygiene, running away from people ( withdrawal from the family or the proffesional life)

Remember - the sooner you reach the expert advice and get the treatment, the sooner perceptible improvement will appear!

Types of schizophrenia: 

  • simple schizophrenia
  • paranoid schizophrenia
  • disorganised schizophrenia
  • catatonic schizophrenia

The treatment of schizophrenia:

  • Basic treatment equals pharmacological treatment and should last many years.
  • The sooner the disturbing symptoms will be noticed and certain actions (treatment) taken, the greater the chance of recovery.
  • If you notice the above behaviours in family member or people close to you, we highly recommend you to come to our GP,psychiatrist,psychologist,or contact our clinic. You will be provided with a comprehensive care (doctors,psychologists,nurses)
  • The inclusion of proper psychoactive drugs helps patients return to their former function. It gives them the opportunity to restore normal life and control over their own behaviour.
  • Together with pharmacotherapy (taking individually selected medication) should continue psychotherapy and broadly understood rehabilitation of the patient. Comprehensive care is provided by proffesionals working in our clinic.

Remember - life with a disease, which we know how and can handle -is easy!


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