These are ordinary states of tension, anxiety and fear persisting for a period of usually several years. It is often associated with a mental flaws ( traumatic situations) during childhood and adolescence. Often along with neurotic disorders appear : depressive episodes, panic disorder,sleep disorder and eating disorders.

The course of neurotic disorders over many years of patients' life is usually sinusoidal with the times that it improves and deteriorates.

People with neurotic disorders usually can cope with work, school, science and participate in social life. However, they can not take an advantage of all their opportunities or reduce the symptoms that affect their lifes.

Do I have neurosis?

  • For at least a year ( and usually many years) I feel axiety,fear in certain situations ( shops, closed spaces,contact with strangers)
  • The deterioration of mood can occur due to stressful situations-episodes od depression,panic attacks,episodes of bindge.
  • Periodic sleep disturbances: trouble falling asleep, wake up at night or in the morning
  • For a long time I have low self-esteem,fear of the future
  • I have no control over my mood swings like : excitability or irritability.

The treatment of neurotic disorders must be adjusted to the type of disorder and personality. In the foreground is always individual psychotherapy.


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