Group therapy

"SILENCING THE MONKEYS OF OUR MIND" - RELAXATION WORKSHOPS with the elements of  the Mindfulness method.

Welcome to the group training those who:

  • Can not cope with the turmoil of the outside world.
  • Are harassed by incessant and disturbing, negative thoughts
  • Stress caused by professional challenges and stress of everyday treated as inevitable evil.
  • Suffer from an excessive tension in the body,notice disturbing impulsivenesss
  • of some of their emotional or behavioral reactions.

SO FOR THOSE SUFFERING: affective disorders (depression, bipolar affective disorder), neurosis (obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety, panic, phobias) hypochondria, response to chronic stress and other ...

At the meetings, we will:

  • Learn to relax in different ways: fast, comfortable, regular, etc.
  • Get to know what in fact is stress why sometimes excessive and what is relaxing,
  • Slow down the pace of our own, running thoughts and enjoy the inner peace using psychological techniques and meditation, among other techniques Training Mindfulness (MBSR)
  • Does not assign to our own thoughts hasty assessments that trigger automatic unwanted emotions, and ...
  • Convince yourself that life is also great fun, and not just a pile of responsibilities.


  • A group is open, you can join at any time, but for the best effect it is preferred to attend at least 11 meetings
  • Participants must be in age between 18 and 100 years.
  • The cost of one meeting - 45 zł (a serie of 11 meetings = 350 zł, INCLUDING FIRST - FREE)
  • Meetings are held every week or every second week on Mondays, 19.30 - 21.30
  • The group can start with the participation of at least 7 pers., Max. 12 people.


This group does not function as therapeutic and it's not suitable for people with serious problems.
It is desirable that the participation in this therapy is coordinated with with the personalized therapy!

Lecturer: Dr. Hum. Krzysztof Kolecki - psychologist, sexologist
social spec. marriage counseling, instructor TKKF Tai Chi and Yoga.

Sign in :

Registration is open from Monday to Friday, 11.00 - 19.00
tel.061 8668 234
or 0500 569 690
Gadu registration - 3866855


About Mindfulness method:

Mindfulness is the art of conscious living, as through systematic self-observation makes it possible to find harmony, joy and wisdom in life. It involves developing skills and fully focus attention on what is in the moment, here and now experiences (sensations, thoughts and emotions).
Clustering- in which we assume and accept what we are experiencing in the present moment,
the way it is, without the habitual evaluation and attaching to it. In this way, we allow what appears in the attention has gone,giving the place the next, always current experience.

This considered self-observation allows the survival of habitual vicious circle, which often unconsciously react to emerging internal and external sensations (stimuli), aversion, fear and other intense, usually negative emotions.With the development of Mindfulness, there is in fact "break"
between the perception of the stimulus and habitual reaction to it,giving us the opportunity to make a more informed and balanced response.

Over the past 30 years it has been carried out a lot of research on the use Mindfulness to treat a variety of psychological and somatic health problems. The results show that Mindfulness based methods can be effective, or at least support the treatment.The results also confirm that underlying sources of Mindfulness can be seen in Buddhists attitudes and believes,the acceptance and admission of experience is more than its avoidance and suppression. This is a source of mental balance and health.

Our minds are like a cage constantly screaming monkeys.You need to be able to give them a banana, to finally silence them and make them let us work or relax "



Enjoy a Meetup group of self-help and development for men who:

  • They do not feel free to express their emotions,
  • They believe that they have to pretend that they are constantly brave, competent and satisfied.
  • Feel more and more helpless, confused and misunderstood by the increasing demands of women,
  • They feel lonely without a woman, and often the woman,
  • Can not understand, why they do not succeed in relationships, or how it happened, that their marriage has become numb,
  • They run away from the pain of life in alcohol, aggression, and other disruptive behavior.
  • They note that their active live is all about work,

At these meetings, we will:

  • Talk about everything that annoys us, that hurts-in a way that is : curious freely without pretense and without inhibitions,
  • Experience ourselves as we are, in silence and sometimes moving,
  • Give each other support, acceptance of the friendly relations,
  • We will build his image - a man who is wise, skillful, attentive and at the same time have the right to weakness and softness.
  • Learn what it means to live in harmony with our bodies and our emotions,
  • Enjoy the company of other men, without talking about politics, beer and football.


  • A group is open, you can join at any time, but for the best effect it is preferred to attend the serie of 10 meetings
  • Is reserved exclusively for men aged 18 - 100 years
  • The cost of one meeting - 45 zł (a serie of 10 meetings = 300 zł)
  • Meetings are held every second week on Mondays, 20.00 - 22.00
  • The group can start with the participation of a minimum of 6 people., Max. 12 people.


This group does not function for therapeutic and serious problems it is desirable that the participation in this therapy is coordinated with the personalized therapy

Lecturer: Dr. h. Hum. Krzysztof Kolecki - psychologist, sexologist social spec. marriage counseling



The aim of the workshop is to train the assertive behavior,
understood as the ability to pursue their own needs without
compromising the needs and dignity of others.

We put the emphasis on:

  • Defend their rights
  • An initiative for social
  • Responding to criticism and attack
  • Coping with the embarrassment, shyness
  • Expressing feelings, opinions and beliefs.

Lecturer: Elżbieta Osman psychologist.

The group can count up to 14 people.
Cycle 4 two-hour meeting in the form of workshops.
The price for a serie of 4 meetings is 160 zł



Open lessons in the form of two-hour classes.The aim of the exercise is to practise the ability to establish and maintain satisfactory relationships with other people through verbal and non-verbal communication, effective solving of conflicts in the family, at work, avoidance and replacing the so-called."Stoppers of communication", broadcast a message of understanding, constructive showing of their emotions and needs.

Lecturer: psychologist Elżbieta Osman



A serie of meetings that are for patients and their families struggling with eating disorders.
The aim is to provide knowledge and support to those who need it. 
Are held by doctor Katarzyna Kamińska- physician experienced in the treatment of anorexia and bulimia.The price of 1 meeting is 45zł, 10 meetings 300 zł



For whom? - For all parents.

About whom? - About children and little of ourselves.

For what? - To know how to talk to children, to make them understand.To hear what they say and adequately be able to react to it.

What does it give? - Understanding the fears, needs, dreams, increase confidence. Quiet conversation, factual findings, cleaned toys and books ...

Every parent wants to have the ability to talk with their own child. As a parent we want that this what we say is not only heard by our child but also understood. To 'gain the power' and make it stay this way.Parent also wants to know what his child fears and what are his/her desires.Sometimes, what is normal and so frequent, he feels helpless in the face of difficulties and problems that the child turns to him with.The aim of the meetings is to learn specific methods of conducting interviews with children to know how to deal with their own feelings to help them become indepentdent and adequately evaluate the proposals coming from the outside world. The Workshop character is facilitated by exercising the communication skills of a parent, including the principles of dialogue,
praising and expressing disapproval.

Lecturer: Dr. Hum. Anna Gulczyńska - psychologist, sexologist, a specialist in family counseling.
The price of meeting is 45zł, 10 meetings- 300 zł



The meetings are designed for couples and marriages that are facing the decision to breakup, separate, divorce and have children.
The aim of the meetings is to prepare parents to conduct interviews with children who will be in the near future participants of this event.

Lecturer: Dr. Hum. Anna Gulczyńska - psychologist, sexologist, a specialist in family counseling.
The price of 1 meeting is 45zł, 10 meetings 300 zł



The aim of the training is a Psychotherapeutic work within their own emotional problems and the development of individual potential participants at:

  • Awareness of skills
  • Awareness of the limitations
  • Showing the direction of personal development
  • Explore the feelings badly identified, repressed, and not even known

During training methods are used to work with the body,an indication of the interdependence of the psyche-soma-health and a diagnosis of somatic-emotional.
Hours: 28 (four days, two consecutive weekends)
Price: 400zł.

Lecturer: Kinga Dombek, certified Psychotherapist and Coach ITG Krakow and Internatioonal Federation of Gestalt Training Organizations.


Lecturer: Magdalena Kemnitz


Mental training for the players and physically active people
A series of workshops with sports psychology. Carried out in groups
of up to 15 people. Designed to familiarize participants with
the basic techniques of increasing the effectiveness of training
and take-offs. Teacher Magdalena Kemnitz, accredited olymipic psychologist.

PLACE: Poznań - ul.Grobla 1 / 5c (entrance from ul. Mostowa)

sign in and costs:
1 workshop 55 zł / os, 10 June PRICE 45zł
Notification of intention to participate, please send an email
In return will be sent detailed information on the workshops (e-mail: no obligation to participate). We encourage you to participate in all modules.

Thematic overview:

" WHAT POWERS ME AND WHERE IS CARRYING ME TO" - the objectives and priorities.

Building a "pyramid of its own success" - setting goals,
prioritizing, time management. Psycho-on.
Practical ways to support motivation.
Formation of internal motivation, achievement motivation and
internal sense of control.

"MY PROGRAM OF PREPARATIONS" - mental preparation during regular
training and determination of zones of optimal functioning.
Identification and control stimulate the body and emotions.
Analysis of favorable and unfavorable thoughts, effective workouts
and starts. Practical ways and control technology
(use of relaxation and visualization). Elements of
of management attention training.

"CONFIDENCE" - modeling and reinforcing the sense of self-efficiency.
Expanding knowledge about ourselves - awareness of the strengths
and untapped resources. Working with beliefs - shaping favorable
beliefs. Positive internal dialogue and the use of self-suggestion.

"FULLY READY / A FIRST AID KIT MENTAL" - routine in preparation
for competition. Developing their own ways of dealing with
challenges. Training of coping with stress and anxiety starting
somatic and cognitive development through before start routines.
Strategies for coping with fatigue, crisis training and sports

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