Anxiety disorder is a condition that can happen to everyone, often a consequence of dysregulated emotional system.

We can feel three types of symptoms:

  • symptoms of slow current
  • symptoms of paroxysmal
  • somatic symptoms

If one symptom of each group, or few from one group (min 3.) occurs, it is definitely worth conducting a further diagnosis and treatment. It is recommended that the treatment will be provided by psychologist or a doctor. Anxiety disorders require proffesional help, because if we let them be as they are they won't pass. Instead of that, they will decrease the security and transform into a chronic form.

Treatment of anxiety disorders can be conducted as psychotherapy ( usually techniques of cognitive-behavioral) or combined with pharmacotherapy. In a Psychosomatic Clinic normally we associate individual psychotherapy with pharmacotherapy, which we believe provides the best effects as fast as possible and prevent the relapse.

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