Family problems

As part of solving family problems,we offer:

  • couples therapy
  • family therapy
  • children therapy

Depending on the needs and the dynamics of changes, therapeutic meetings are held with all family members, a pair, or individually.

The family is treated as a system whose proper functioning depends on the functioning of each of the family members and their relationships.

The goals of the therapy:

  • Improving ways of communication between the family members or a couple.
  • Development of empathy and tolerance that are the basis for meeting the needs (individual and family)
  • Dealing with crisis situations (relationship breakdown,grief after the loss, illness and death in the family, addictions, behavioral problems and school etc.
  • Dealing with stress
  • Development of attitude consistency introduced during treatment changes.

Therapy is addressed to adults and children (parents,spouses,offsprings) - all those who need support,guidance,mediation in the functioning of their family or relationship.

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