Often depressive disorders occur without clear reasons. People with starting depression begin to feel tired, weak,they feel that they are getting sick, but 'can not find the disease'

There can also appear somatic symptoms like:

  • headache
  • muscles and joints pain
  • shaking hands
  • heart palpitations

which are symptoms of another disease 'the body'. Depressive disorders often run in the form of recurrent and without proper treatment, it is difficult to function at normal level.

Characteristic symptoms of depression:

  • Anhedonia (lack of experiencing pleasure)
  • Depressed mood, sadness
  • Lack of vital energy
  • A sense of small value
  • Problems with concentration
  • Memory problems
  • The desire for isolation from people
  • The negative vision of our own environment and the future
  • Difficulties in making ordinary decisions


Check if you have depression!


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