For whom is the coaching?

  • for everyone, who wants to make a change in his life
  • for everyone, who is ready to get out of the place he doesn't feel comfortable in
  • for people, who don't know where they want to get to, and not always know what's importnat for them.
  • for people, who want to unleash their potential.
  • for people, who are seeking solutions for the future

Coaching helps to :

  • define and discover yourself
  • strenghten and support the potential
  • open new possibilities
  • strenghten the faith in your own potential and abilities
  • improve the qualifications
  • acquire new skills 
  • correct undiserable behaviour

Inherent and essential part of coaching is a good relationship and mutual trust between the coach and his client (person receiving coaching).

Working methods:

  • help in planning new strategies
  • help by asking questiones and being active,patient and kind listener
  • give the feedback
  • observation of customer's behaviour

In the process of coaching the customer's involvement is essential. It is impossible to find a good solution for somebody, we can only help him. Coach plays a role of a companion in this process and an assistant of changes.



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