Alcohol abuse

Modern approach to the treatment of alcohol problems allows you to control the amount of alcohol consumed both at the stage of 'harmful abuse' and the 'addiction'.

After the diagnostic assesment we select a proper pharmatological treatment and discuss behavioral strategies for dealing with the problem of alcohol for each stage.

To achieve a success the patient must realise that alcohol is a problem as well as to express the desire and motivation to deal with this problem.

Harmful abuse:

Most often it manifests itself as the loss of control over the behaviour under the influence of alcohol. Damage to health and family or social and proffesional impact on life can't stop from the next dosage of alcohol. In this case all alternative sources of pleasure/ways of releasing tension disappear.


It reveals the need to increase the alcohol tolerance ( to achieve a state of intoxication you need larger doses of alcohol). Strong irrepressible need to drink, loss of control over the behaviour under the influence of alcohol, disappearance of alternative sources of pleasure other than alcohol, damage to health and family or social aspect, associated with the appearance of the withdrawal symptoms when for some reason string drinking is interrupted.

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