Psychosomatic Clinic was founded in 1999. The clinic was created because there was a need to create a base for conducting outpatient treatment (patients who did not require hospitalisation) for the implementation of rehabilitation programs as a continuation of post-hospital treatment. The goal was also to enable family members of those who are addicted to alcohol to attend the therapy. It should be emphasized that since the establishement of the clinic psychotherapy combined with psychotherapy has become a primary therapeutic method.

Secondly we provide examination in the field of occupational medicine (initial,periodic), examination to receive a sanel book, drivers' assesment for all categories,including certificates for the position of the driver. We also provide ongoing preventive occupational medicine care for businesses.

As a psychosomatic clinic we help with the diagnosis and treatment of disorders: depression,anxiety and neurotic; school and family problems. Our great doctors and specialists take care of the smallest detailsduring the therapy. We use pharmacotherapy and psychotherapy which are indyvidually matched to the type of disorder and personality.

ZADZWOŃ I UMÓW SIĘ NA WIZYTĘ(+48) 61 866 82 34